Commercial Auto, Truck Graffiti, and Vandalism Removal Services

Just Like New provides a graffiti clean-up service like no other. We remove difficult graffiti from your commercial vehicle or auto without repainting! Our process is more of an art than a science and uses top quality products and techniques to dissolve and lift tagging paint, marker, or other substances.

Our Technicians are well equipped and trained to remove graffiti from vehicles, trucks, boats, heavy equipment, buildings, bridges, parking lots, and other structures that need cleaning and or maintenance.

Graffiti and vandalism marks at commercial areas such as a parking lot or bridge, heavy industrial equipment, an office building, or on vehicles, always make a distasteful impression. In such scenarios, most contractors choose to paint the property, but Just Like New uses top quality techniques to dissolve and lift the paint, spray, and markers in order to safely remove graffiti. This unique technique has ranked Just Like New to be the best graffiti removal service provider in the country.

The professional team at Just Like New offers an array of services including auto port services, environmental contaminant removal, structural maintenance, industrial overspray removal, and disaster restoration.

We offer a commitment to personalize service for our clients. If you have further questions or need help with a case, please complete our quick form below. A team member will return your message as soon as possible.