Paint Guard Film Removal

Paint guard film is applied to new automobiles during the auto make-ready process. It protects the vehicle’s finish as it is transported from the manufacturer to the dealership. Some dealers choose to leave the paint guard film until the final purchase feeling that it is an added selling point to guarantee that the vehicle finish is protected from environmental and transportation damages.

The major downfall of the paint guard film used today is that it is guaranteed to last up to six months. If not removed according to the manufacturer’s specifications, product failure will result. Just Like New has developed a process that can safely remove dry-rotted and or de-laminated paint guard film. Before our development of this process, there was no safe method of paint guard film removal available. This process has resulted in the safe cleaning of thousands of vehicles and has saved auto manufacturers thousands of dollars. We are proud to have developed and perfected this valuable make ready service.

Windshield Repair

Chips and cracks on windshields caused by various types of road debris affect millions of vehicles annually. In most cases, these chips and cracks can be repaired rather than replacing the entire windshield which can be costly. By not removing the glass, the original factory seal remains intact which prevents possible leaks.

Modern technology has created an adhesive clear resin that is used to fill the damaged area. Once this resin cures, the windshield’s strength is restored along with most of the clarity. Most customers can hardly notice the original damage. We have had success repairing chips up to the size of a fifty-cent coin. Our crack repairs are performed to provide temporary relief and to keep the crack from spreading.

Accessory Installation / PCM Rework

Along with auto port and dealer services, Just Like New recently became the first overspray removal contractor to provide accessory installations. Port and distribution facilities can often become overloaded with production requirements. When this occurs, Just Like New is prepared to step in with professional technicians that can meet these needs.

We are experienced with the installation of:

  • Running Boards
  • Floor Mats
  • Spare Tire Covers
  • Luggage Racks
  • CD / DVD Players
  • Rocker Panel Film
  • Tow Packages
  • Literature / Owner’s Manual, etc.
  • PCM rework / PCM flashing

We have successfully processed thousands of vehicles with accessory upgrades. You can count on us for high production while meeting YOUR quality control standards.

paint spray removal

Swirl Scratch Removal

Swirl marks are caused by sanding or high-speed buffing processes. Swirl marks are actually microscopic scratches in the vehicle finish. These tiny scratches have not been finely “smoothed out.” They run in different directions and when direct sunlight makes contact with the vehicle the light rays bounce off at a different angle than the smooth surface causing the finish to appear dull, faded, scratched, swirled, or discolored. The technical term for this problem is called “refraction.”

Vehicle scratches can often be a nuisance since preserving a vehicle’s original finish is a very important aspect of maintaining the re-sale value. We have surprised hundreds of clients by removing the most stubborn scratches. In most cases, our hand polishing techniques have been proven effective.

Severe swirl marks and scratches require high-speed buffing and/or wet-sanding in order to achieve desired results. Just Like New takes pride in avoiding such processes at all costs. However, this is the prescribed method for such repairs. This process will restore maximum luster within the vehicle’s finish and in most cases will not void any manufacturer’s warranty.

Inspection and Make-Ready Services

If you happen to be an auto distribution facilities manager or operations manager, you have no doubt found yourself with extraordinary production expectations. Just Like New can step in with experienced and knowledgeable technicians that can help meet these production needs such as auto detailing, vehicle inspection, make ready services and other preparation services.

We focus on adapting immediately to your workplace and most of all, your staff’s needs. High production, with a “built-in” desire to achieve the quality control standards that you deserve, is the reason why Just Like New is the logical solution.

We offer a commitment to personalized service for our clients. If you have further questions or need help with a case, please complete our quick form below. A team member will return your message as soon as possible.

Just Like New’s auto port services, accessory installation, and scratch removal services are some of our most acquired services. Our professional technicians are trained at production and industrial level standards and are the reason for this demand. We are focused on meeting your standards in every service provided to you. We take pride in consistency and efficiency.

In addition to our highly acquired clear film and auto paint overspray removal services, check out additional services offered by Just Like New Overspray Removal such as graffiti and vandalism removal, construction clean-up, industrial paint overspray removal, contaminant removal, clear coat overspray removal, structural maintenance, and flood restoration.