Removing Overspray From Glass

Removing Overspray

You may be getting a paint job for your house or car. However, you are likely to end up with a bit of paint splatter on the nearby surfaces. While painting, no matter how prudent you are, you will have some drip-drops. You may think that removing overspray is difficult, but it is pretty easy in reality. It also requires minimal time and tools.

Below, we have listed four easy ways to remove overspray from glass!

Before you start

Determine what type of glass it is and gather all the necessary equipment like rubber gloves and eye protection gear. Make sure the workspace is fully ventilated to avoid inhaling harmful fumes. You can open windows or turn on circulation fans during the overspray removal process. Remember to lay down a plastic sheet or a cloth on the floors to protect them.

Removing overspray from glass with acetone

Soak a clean cloth in acetone and scrub away the dry paint using the cloth. Then, take a new microfiber cleaning cloth, dampen it in warm water, and wipe away the excess acetone solution.

If you want to clean a mirror, wipe it dry with a dry cloth and glass cleaner or warm soapy water. However, remember not to use acetone on fiberglass as it can dissolve its protective outer coating and eventually damage the glass. Acetone is ideal for overspray removal from mirrors and frosted glass.

Removing overspray from glass with white vinegar

Soak your cleaning cloth in hot vinegar and press it against the overspray spots. It will loosen the hardened paint. Then, scrub those spots with the vinegar-soaked cloth to remove the paint.

Transfer the dish soap into warm water and dip a new microfiber cleaning cloth in the solution. Then, wash the glass with the dipped cloth. Finally, wipe your glass clean using a dry paper towel or cloth.

Removing overspray from glass using alcohol

Soak a cleaning cloth in rubbing alcohol and press it to the spots on the glass to loosen the hardened paint. Then, scrub with the alcohol-soaked cloth to remove the paint.

Denatured alcohol is also an effective agent for removing overspray. However, be cautious when working with it. First, do a patch test to ensure that it does not damage the surface.

After paint removal, clean the glass using warm soapy water and dry cloth.

Removing overspray from glass using mineral spirits

Efficient for dissolving paint, mineral spirits are an outstanding solution for initial cleanup right after spray painting.

Drench a clean cloth in mineral spirits and press it against the paint spots to loosen the paint. Then, scrub the paint using the cloth to remove the overspray.

After overspray removal, wash the glass with a glass cleaner and wipe it using a dry cloth.

About the business

Overspray removal is not challenging if done correctly. You can also seek professional help to get the best results. At Just Like New, we offer intelligent and affordable overspray removal solutions. Our clients choose us for our top-notch services and high satisfaction rates. For more information, contact us at 1-866-746-1445, or connect through email at You can also fill out our contact form to get a call back from us.

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