How to Remove Paint Overspray

How to Remove Paint Overspray

As much as you may be delighted to look at a freshly painted wall, car, road, or any other surface, splashes and splatters are never worthy of the sight.paint overspray Not only that, it gets hard to remove the tiny particles of paint overspray spread on the floors, walls, and especially your vehicle. No matter how carefully a painting job is done, your cars are always susceptible to getting overspray damage during an outdoor and commercial painting project. Seeing your car covered in paint overspray can be shocking and frustrating, especially when you don’t know where it came from and how you will remove it. 

What Is Overspray?

Overspray refers to the application of any form of paint, varnish, stain, or other non-water-soluble air-borne particulate material onto an unintended location. This situation mostly occurs when commercial paint jobs and chemical emissions from refineries drift onto unintended objects. 

Paint overspray is the tiny spray particles that sit on the surface of your vehicles’ body, glass, windshield, or any other surface that is supposed to be pain-free. Cars are not the only ones at risk. Buildings, boats, planes, RVs, heavy equipment, and homes are other targets for overspray. They can cause significant damage that property and business owners are unsure how to deal with them. 

Possible Reasons Your Car Gets Overspray

Your vehicle goes through a lot of wear and tear. Whether you commute or travel long distances, situations may occur which are beyond a driver’s control.  For example, road crews may have added a fresh coat of yellow or white paint for the road markers. Little do you know that your vehicle is driving over this fresh paint, causing it to splash up onto the body.  

A regular car wash does not even touch this paint, which was meant to stick to industrial metal and withstand harsh weather conditions.just like new overspray removal services

Outdoor painting is another challenge your vehicle may face. Painting crews updating homes or commercial buildings with paint cannot control the amount of wind-carrying paint particles. If your car is nearby, it can get the brunt of the residual paint.  

Usually, the wrong painting pattern is followed, especially with spray paints where the high air pressure can leave surrounding areas covered in splashes. It often happens when you are painting your windows and doors, and the walls or glass gets covered in overspray.

Hiring a professional to repair your overspray damage will save you and your company time, money and depreciation costs to your vehicle or building.  Take advantage of Just Like New Overspray’s team of experienced professionals to help you alleviate even the most damaging of overspray incidents.

Removing Paint Overspray From Cars

One of the most disturbing things for car owners is to see their cars covered in tiny specs of dirt, dust, or paint overspray. These particles get attached to the surface of your vehicle, that a simple wash won’t do the work for you. Stopping your car from losing its worth and aesthetic appeal is your first concern in such a situation. To get back your vehicle’s smooth texture, youjustlikenew_overspray removal must know how to remove spray paint from cars. Luckily, the automotive industry has introduced many tried and tested methods to repair overspray damage. Here are the best-practiced ways to remove house paint spray from your car. You can also hire professionals for this job as it takes a lot of time. 

Method 1

Clay Bars Paint Overspray Remover

Witnessing house paint overspray on your car can be a nightmare come true for you. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about scratching it and damaging the clear coat. There is some cool stuff in the market. Clay bars are a revolution in the automotive industry after the exceptional results to repair overspray damage. Clay bars are safe and effective for removing air-borne pollutants, contaminants, dust particles, and allergens from the surface of your car. However, it is widely used to remove paint overspray in a way that washing and waxing can’t do. 

How Does It Work 

Automotive clay bar is a resin mixture that looks similar to play-dough. It is used to remove overspray, contaminants, and pollutants from your vehicle’s surface paint, glass, fiberglass, and metal. Clay bars are known by multiple names, such as Detailing clay, Decontamination clay, and Surface preparation bar. Clay bars can remove all the impurities by leaving your cars smooth and shiny. Usually, you have to rub the clay bar back and forth until all the pollutants and roughness are removed from the surface. However, you have to rub the bar continuously on the surface till the overspray is gone. Often the clear coat gets damaged due to rigorous rubbing. If you want to remove overspray without damaging the clear coat of your vehicle’s surface, here is what you need to do.

The Process

  1. Clay bars are elastic, which means you can simply twist and bend them according to the need. Before starting the procedure, make sure to soften the clay bar by twisting it in your hands. It will help you create a clear surface for the removal. 
  2. Lubrication is another important factor to keep in mind. First, clean your car from all the dirt. Use an auto body cleaner and wet the area covered in paint overspray. You can also use glass cleaners or just soapy water depending on the overspray surface.
  3. Once the area is lubricated, that’s where the clay bar comes in. Start rubbing the bar onto the surface until you start feeling the friction. The strange noise you’ll hear due to the friction signifies that the clay bar is doing its work. 
  4. When the paint overspray s successfully removed, use the auto cleaners to get rid of all the excess paint and dirt residues. Spray auto body or glass cleaner on the concerned area and wipe it off with a clean rag.

Remember that the amount of hard work you have to do rubbing the clay will depend on the type of paint overspray. Do not switch to a new clay bar when the first one starts getting dirty. Simply change the dirty side of the clay and start rubbing from the cleaner section. 

Method 2


If you don’t want to risk scrubbing hard abrasives and scratching off the paint overspray from your car, try rubbing alcohol. It may sound weird, but it really works. This method can help you out whether you want to remove latex paint overspray or spray paint specs. Removing paint overspray with alcohol is easy but time-taking. Here is how you can do a clear coat overspray removal with alcohol:

  1. Get a bottle of rubbing alcohol and pour it onto the area where you need to remove the paint overspray. The amount of alcohol will depend on how big or small the area is. Make sure you apply the alcohol in a thin layer over the paint.
  2. Let the alcohol sit on the paint for a while unless it dissolves it completely. It will make it easier to wipe off the overspray. Leave it for around a minute before cleaning.
  3. Once the alcohol is absorbed in the overspray, take a clean paper towel and wipe off the surface. You will see that the overspray has gone after this treatment. 
  4. Clean the surface with soapy water or auto body cleaners to remove any paint residues. If any paint particle is left, you can gently scrape it off.

How To Remove Paint Overspray From Walls

Spray paint is the most common choice when it comes to painting window panes, doors, and other intricate areas closer to your walls. While having impressive adhesive properties, spray paint overspray can be a headache to remove from the walls. The bad news is that latex and oil paints have the same issue when they are splattered on your walls. The good news is that spray paint overspray removal is possible if you have the right supplies at the right time. 

What You Need

To effectively remove paint overspray from walls, here are the things you will need handy:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Acetone
  • Lacquer thinner
  • Damp sponge
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Water 
  • A small bucket

Step By Step Method

  1. If you want to remove overspray from an indoor wall, the first thing you’ll need to do is ventilate the room. Open the windows and turn on the electric fan to increase air circulation.
  2. Take a small bucket and soak the cleaning brush in it for a while. Fresh paint is easy to remove without any excessive work. If the paint is recently applied, you can easily scrub it off instead of relying on chemical solutions. 
  3. Acetone is a flammable organic chemical solvent usually used in household, cosmetics, and personal care products. Surprisingly, you can remove paint overspray on walls by using acetone. Apply it on a cleaning rag and test it on a small wall area to make sure it doesn’t damage the wall. Now wipe the cloth on the overspray wall until the paint starts thinning and removing. Use a damp sponge or cleaning cloth the rinse the wall from the excess paint and acetone traces.
  4. If the paint overspray on the wall is stubborn and dried, lacquer thinner is the last resort to remove it. Before using this chemical solvent, make sure to wear rubber gloves. Lacquer thinner can remove paint overspray from the walls without any other finishing beneath the overspray. After applying the chemical solution, rinse the wall thoroughly with a damp sponge and let it dry.

You can use a pressure washer for an exterior cemented wall to get rid of the paint overspray on it. Mostly, professional pressure washing services are required to get the job done. You can also use a paint scraper or graffiti remover to deal with the damage of paint overspray on porous surfaces. 

How To Remove Overspray From Glass

No matter how professional your hired painters are, a slight mistake can end up in splish-splash on the window glass. Painting is a job the needs meticulous care. However, paint overspray sometimes becomes inevitable. Whether you want to remove paint from windshield glass or want your window glass crystal clear again, here is what you need to do:

  1. Removing paint overspray from house windows isn’t as tricky as it is believed to be. The process is almost the same as removing overspray from car window glass. The best way to clean paint overspray without a razor is to use acetone or other mineral spirits because they thin down the overspray layer, making it easy to remove. Make sure you use a limited amount of these solvents by applying them on a cloth instead of directly applying them to the glass. 
  2. If the paint overspray is thick and covers a larger area of the window glass, you can use a razor blade to scrape off the remaining particles of paint gently. You can also use a safety scraper to be on the safe side. 

The type of damage done by overspray is tough for a novice to handle. You may end up costing more than having a contractor do it.  Do it yourself cleaning agents and removal kits are difficult to use and can cause more damage if misapplied.

Fortunately, professional contractors like Just Like New Overspray are available to help remove overspray from vehicles and buildings.  They will first assess the damage on the surface and do a thorough inspection of the entire project. Next, they will generate a quote on the cost and work with the client’s insurance provider claim to see what is covered.  After the claim processing and owner approval, their team will begin the job of removing the overspray. They use special cleaning techniques developed by Just Like New and industry resources to ensure all the overspray is removed without damaging the surface.  Once all of the surfaces are cleaned and restored, they add a polymer sealant to complete the job and erase all indications of any overspray-like damage.

Professionals at Just Like New Overspray will also complete any job on-site nationwide or in US, Mexico and Canada. Just Like New work with clients round the clock.  Their team works with their clients from start to finish to ensure all claims are handled properly to provide the highest quality of service for their clients.

Hiring a professional to repair your overspray damage will save you and your company time, money, and depreciation costs to your vehicle or building.  Take advantage of Just Like New Overspray’s team of experienced professionals to help you alleviate even the most damaging of overspray incidents.