How to Remove Paint Overspray

How to Remove Paint Overspray

Your vehicle goes through a lot of wear and tear.  paint oversprayWhether you commute or travel long distances, situations may occur which are beyond a driver’s control.  For example, road crews may have just added a fresh coat of yellow or white paint for the road markers. Little do you know your vehicle is driving over this fresh paint causing it to splash up onto the body.  A regular car wash does not even touch this paint which was meant to stick to industrial metal and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Outdoor painting is another challenge your vehicle may face. Painting crews updating homes or commercial buildings with paint cannot control the amount of wind carrying paint particles, and your nearby vehicle may get the brunt of the residual paint.  This type of damage is called overspray. Vehicles are not the only ones at risk. Buildings, boats, planes, RV’s, heavy equipment, and homes are other targets for overspray and can cause significant damage that property and business owners are unsure how to remedy.Overspray refers to the application of any form of paint, varnish, stain or other non-water-soluble airborne particulate material onto an unintended location. This concept is most commonly encountered  when commercial paint jobs, and chemical emissions from refineries drift onto unintended objects.   This type of damage is very hard for a regular individual to remove and may end up costing more than having a contractor do it.  Do it yourself cleaning agents and removal kits are difficult to use and can cause more damage after applying them improperly.

Fortunately, professional contractors like Just Like New Overspray, are available to help remove overspray from vehicles and buildings.  They will first assess the damage on the surface and do a thorough inspection of the entire project. Next, they will generate a quote on the cost and work with the client’s insurance provider claim to see what is covered.  Once the claim processing and owner approval is established, Just Like New’s team will begin the job of removing the overspray. They use special cleaning techniques developed by Just Like New and industry resources to ensure all the overspray is removed without damaging the surface.  Once all of the surface is cleaned and restored, they add a polymer sealant to complete the job and erase all indications of any overspray-like damage.

Just Like New Overspray professionals will also complete any job on site nationwide or Canada.Just Like New will work with clients on a 24-hour basis.  Their team works with their clients from start to finish, to make sure all claims are handled properly and ensure the highest quality of service for their clients.

Hiring a professional to repair your overspray damage will save you and your company time, money and depreciation costs to your vehicle or building.  Take advantage of Just Like New Overspray’s team of experienced professionals to help you alleviate even the most damaging of overspray incidents.