Disaster Restoration Services – Just Like New Overspray Removal

Just Like New Overspray Removal is here to help you in recovering from emergencies. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our professional disaster restoration services. We respond immediately to your fire, water, and storm damage. Our experts perform cleanup, repair, and remolding. You can solve all your disaster restoration needs with just one call.

We Offer Quick Services To Repair Property Damage

Expect the unexpected, because sudden damage can occur with you anytime at your home or business. Whether the damage has been caused by a natural disaster or from another unfortunate event, you need a prompt response from a disaster restoration service like Just like New Overspray. We provide emergency damage response to residential and commercial clients throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico, helping you get back to your property in its original state. Call us immediately after any property damage so Just Like New can start the restoration process.

We ensure your property will be restored to its original condition.

When any damage happens to your space, the first thing you want is a return of your property to its normal state. However, complete restoration can’t happen overnight, but you can get the ball rolling quickly when you hire an emergency response team like Just Like New Overspray Removal. With our professional experts, you can minimize the damage and get back your space into its original condition as quickly as possible. We will work to eradicate any damage you have experienced as well as any potential supplementary damage.

Services for All Types of Damages

Damage can strike in different forms and when you least expect it. No matter the type of damage, you need a professional clean up service to clean and restore your space. Just Like New Overspray offers an emergency response for all types of problems. Whether it’s water damage from a busted pipe or smoke damage from an electrical fire, our team can handle it. Just Like New Overspray has comprehensive experience and knows the best way to address any type of damage and tailor our services to meet your unique needs. We provide services for all of the following:

Water Damage

The most common type of damage to occur is water damage. Our emergency team will reach your place immediately to help minimize the damage and begin the restoration process. We use the latest tools and advanced technologies to ensure your home or business is properly restored.


This situation presents a risk to any individual who comes into contact with the scene. These types of clean-up should be done by professionals because they could be putting your health and safety at risk, as well as risky for other people too. Our team knows the proper ways to handle these situations.

Fire and Smoke

Fire and smoke can cause a lot of damage, hurling your life onto a roller coaster ride in just a fraction of seconds. Professional restorers like Just Like New Overspray can be save many items after a fire. Our team can help you rebuild after this traumatic event. 

Storm Damage

Heavy rain and strong winds can damage your home or business. If your roof is damaged unexpectedly, it can leave your entire home susceptible to additional damage. But with the emergency response of our team, we‘ll secure the property quickly and also ensure the damage doesn’t continue to spread.

Catastrophe Response

Most of the time damage is unexpected and making it more difficult to recover. In an event of disaster, Just like New Overspray has nationwide manpower and extensive supply of equipment to assemble anywhere damage occurs and handle any size loss. Our team responds quickly to ensure you get the help when you need it.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Team For Cleanup Service

If your home is damaged by an unexpected disaster, the cleanup process can seem overwhelming. You don’t have to handle this burden alone as our professional restoration team can help you with the restoration process from beginning to end. The following are the benefits to hiring a professional for your disaster and biohazard cleanups:

  • Expert service
  • Safer cleanup
  • Peace of mind

Trust Our Team of Trained Technicians

Restoration service is a skill that requires specific training. It takes close attention to assess damages, identify additional potential damages, provide restoration service for both and identify salvageable items from ruin. Just Like New’s team undergo years of training to stay up to date on all types of restoration. We ensure each of our service providers are fully certified in all services they offer. Through our certification and knowledge, you can count on Just Like New to comprehensively evaluate your damage and restore it to pre-loss condition. We will be there to put all the places back together. We understand the impact of expected damage on family or business and we pride ourselves on providing efficient services in the quickest possible time.

Please call us: 1.866.746.1445 and we’ll send a squad of skilled specialists to your site.