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Most modern cars come with a 3m clear protection film that keeps your car’s surface safe from scratches and damage. However, it starts peeling off as it ages. You will see that this seemingly invisible paint protection film starts to look brittle and unappealing. PPF is meant to protect the paint of your vehicle, but it has certain drawbacks as well. Car film hides the real shine of your car’s paint. Also, when it gets old, you’ll have to get done with its removal before it is too late. Removing the 3m protective shield is quite a bit of a task, which is why car owners prefer hiring professional car clear film removal services.

What Is A Paint Protection Clear Film

You may have heard different names for paint protection vehicle films such as clear mask, clear bra, car scratch protective film, or invisible shield. The most common terms interchangeably used are clear bra and paint protection film. The purpose of the PPF is not only to protect the color of your vehicle’s paint. These films’ high impact resistance also keeps the surface safe from contaminants, road debris, chips, and cracks. Applying a transparent film is undoubtedly a great thing to do, but removing and replacing it can also be challenging.

Benefits Of Clear Film

If your paint protection film is peeling and you want to remove the 3m protective shield, you should always consider replacing it with a new one. Clear films may not bring out the luster of your car’s paint, but they will definitely keep your car safe from multiple damages. Below are some major perks of getting a clear film on your vehicle.

Universal Application

Clear Film Removal

The military used the first paint protection clear film for protecting helicopters from flying debris. The best thing about clear car films is that they are universally applicable. These films aren’t limited to only the front of your cars. You can apply PPF on your trucks, vans, RVs, furniture, and boats as well.

Paint Protection

Applying a clear bra is the easiest way to keep your vehicle protected against various factors. So, if you think if the clear bra is worth it or not, you should give it a try. These transparent films do not affect the appearance, and your car will remain untouched from any damage.

Low Maintenance

Clear films are water-resistant. You don’t have to use wax and sealants as you have to do with your vehicle’s painted surface. However, you have to remove these protective films after some time. Most clear 3m clear films can go up to 7 to 15 years before needing a removal.

Determine The Condition Of The Film For Removal

Clear films have a margin for maintenance. You can polish the clear bra with light to medium foam polish so that it remains glossy. If you take the right type of care needed to extend the lifespan of the PPF, there is no need to remove it. But you can quickly determine the condition of the film to decide whether it needs removal or not. There are several factors including how long the film has been installed and how well your car is maintained. If the clear protection film is peeling off, turned yellowish, feeling dry or brittle, and make your vehicle look unkempt, it is time to remove it.

Does Paint Protection Film Leave Residues?

If you think clear film removal will leave any residues on the car’s surface, try it yourself. If you use the right type of rapid adhesive remover, clear bras are unlikely to leave any residues behind.

Does Clear Bra Removal Cause Any Damage?

Most of the time, car owners keep on driving their tacky-looking cars with the assumption that removing the clear film will damage the vehicle. If the paint protection application is done right, it will get removed quickly. Consider professionals if you are not a pro at DIYs.

Removing Paint Protection Film By Yourself

Clear Film Removal

If you witness that your clear film is cracking or peeling off, you would look for how to remove old paint protection film. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you out!

Things You’ll Need

Before jumping on to the procedure, make sure you have all the tools and equipment handy. You will need:

  • 3m adhesive remover/ clear bra adhesive remover
  • Heat gun
  • Car wax
  • Non-metal scraper
  • Microfiber towels

Step By Step Clear Film Removal Guide

  1. Multiple poly/nylon car trim tools are available that work as a non-metal scraper. The surface doesn’t get damaged during the removal. Instead of removing the clean film all at once, try scraping the edges first. If the clear bra is cracked from different areas, scrape it off from the points where it is peeling. It will make the removal easier.
  2. If there are many little pieces to remove, you can use a heat gun as well. Heat it for 2 minutes and make sure to maintain a distance of 20-30cm to keep the surface safe from damage. Use the heat gun only if the film isn’t coming off easily.
  3. After the clear film removal, you may need to remove the adhesive residues from the car’s surface. Use any 3m adhesive remover. Apply it on a microfiber towel and start rubbing it thoroughly until the paint is clear from any adhesive. You can also use a clay bar to clean the surface.
  4. Clean the area with a dry towel and apply wax around the area to make it look shiny. You can also wax your car thoroughly.

Better To Let Professionals Do It!

Car owners are often dismayed after failed attempts to remove clear films off their vehicles. The process is not only time-consuming but also tricky. Instead of welcoming another damage to save the cost to remove clear bra, trust professionals like JLN Overspray Removal. They are providing nationwide clear film removal services along with serving in Canada and Mexico. They will remove paint protection films from your cars, RVs, and boats impeccably. Save your time, money, and efforts by letting JLN Overspray Removal professionals do the job correctly.