Safeguard Your Vehicle With A Detailed Car Decontamination Treatment

Your car is home to more contagious germs than a toilet seat. This may come as a scary surprise for you, but it is true. Cars are the most high-touch areas that we come in contact with daily, which is why timely cleaning and disinfection is essential. Having your vehicle decontaminated once or twice a year can reduce the chances of transmitting diseases and eliminate all the dangerous microorganisms such as bacteria, pesticides, and viruses.

Just Like New Overspray Removal values your health and safety when you trust us for decontaminating your cars. We are experts in our field and aim to educate our customers as well. Not only will we protect your fleets from the deadliest viruses and contaminants, but we’ll also guide you on how to disinfect your car interior from covid-19 for a healthier and safer ride. Just give us a call if you want to experience the best car sanitizing services in the US, Canada, or Mexico. We serve nationwide, so no matter where you are, we’ll reach out to you!

How To Know Your Car Is Contaminated

Even the most avid car cleaning won’t help you in keeping your car safe from contaminants. No matter how much you clean your vehicle, the surface and interior will start to get rough and dull when pollutants start building up. The longer you ignore the contaminants being on the surface, the rougher it will become. Clean paint and clear coat of your car’s body is sleek and smooth, while a contaminated surface will feel rough on the hand. This makes it relatively easy to check if your vehicle is contaminant-free or not. Just run your fingertips on the exterior and interior surface of your car, and you will know if you need a car decontamination treatment.

Why Vehicle Decontamination Is Important

Car Decontamination treatment

Your car is exposed to a lot of dirt, dust, and germs as you use it almost daily. Whether you buy a new car and clean it up regularly, some damages are still inevitable. Acid rain, dust contaminants, caustic stains, soot, and industrial gases can make your car’s paint the home for microbial growth. A dirty car doesn’t only look unappealing on the roads, but riding in it can also be dangerous for your health and safety. Some contaminants are so strong that they seep into the protective layers of sealants and waxes to damage your vehicle.

At JLN, we use the best car paint decontamination spray to maintain the shine of your car’s paint. We make sure that your vehicle doesn’t lose its value by looking dull and unattractive. If you love your car, show it by doing something extra than just a car servicing or wash. Call our experts, and we’ll provide your car with proper decontamination and disinfection.

Our Vehicle Disinfection Services

Just Like New Overspray Removal is the perfect solution for all your car decontamination needs. We offer you nothing but quality because we understand how crucial it is to take the right hygienic measures during the pandemic. Below-detailed are our major services covering the complete disinfection of your vehicle.

Car Interior Decontamination

We use high-quality disinfectants and sterilizers to spray into every part of your car for a detailed car interior decontamination. Our team of professionals works proactively when it comes to sanitizing your vehicle’s interior because that is where germs and allergens can attack you easily. We cover all the soft areas of your car along with other areas such as windows, dashboard area, visors, entry areas, foot mats, seat covers, handles, buttons, seat adjustment, and seat belts. We use PermaSafe Clean solutions that kill 99% of bacteria and other pathogens in just 5 to 10 minutes, leaving your car fresh, clean, and odor-free.

Exterior Car Decontamination

We have the best car decontamination kits for handling exterior decontamination and disinfection projects. Your car paint is susceptible to becoming the breeding ground for multiple microorganisms no matter where you park it. Tar spots, insect residues, tree sap, iron particles, smoke and soot, and other airborne contaminants are no big problems to deal with for our expert. Our PermaSafe Shield protection and professional techniques leave no contaminant on the surface of your car.

Covid-19 Sanitization

Car Decontamination treatment

We are offering detailed COVID-19 car sanitizing services to keep your vehicles safe in every way. Taxis, business transport, delivery vans, and other transport fleets need to be thoroughly disinfected for passengers’ safety. Our PermaSafe protection reduces the risk of the viral spread by providing optimal cleanup.

Efficient And Professional Technicians

For the best solution to keep your vehicles safe from becoming the source of disease transmission, hire our team. We are the right choice to make when searching for a vehicle disinfection service near me. Whether you live in the US, Canada, or Mexico, our services are widely spread across these areas. We use non-toxic, environmental-friendly decontamination products approved by EPA. Our cleaning solutions are safe for your kids and pets as well. Feel free to call us for a hassle-free car contamination treatment, and we’ll attend to you professionally.