How to Remove Overspray Without Damaging Clear Coat?

Remove Overspray

Overspray is a common problem that several car owners face. Removing the overspray without damaging the clear coat can be a challenging and hefty task. You can remove most oversprays using various techniques; however, if the overspray is really bad, you may have to hire professionals for the job. Read this blog to know what overspray is and how you can remove it without damaging the clear coat.

What is overspray?

You may decide to spray paint your car, expecting great results. However, during this process, you may paint damaged vehicle parts and spray some unintended parts. It is called overspray. It is common in bad weather conditions, primarily if you use rollers or rigs. 

Cost of removing overspray

Removing the overspray without damaging the clear coat will cost you between $200 and $600. Various factors like car model, the extent of damage, overspray location, and car size affect these charges. You can remove overspray patches on your own using high-quality products. It would be hectic but less costly. 

How hard is it?

Overspray removal is a very tough and labor-intensive process. Therefore, professionals charge a lot of money for the job. Removing the overspray takes a considerable amount of time; hence, you need to be patient and not do it in a hurry. Sometimes, even after the entire process, you may be left with small overspray patches. Therefore, you may have to repeat the entire process for removing the leftover patches.

Removing overspray without damaging the clear coat

The following tips and tricks are cost-effective and do not require complex machines or tools. You can remove overspray on your own using these tricks.

Technique 1: Using a clay bar

Consult a professional to determine which clay bar would be the best for your car surface. To make the job easier, buy an authentic clay bar and a lubricant (regular car wash soap). Dip the bar in warm water to soften it. Clean the vehicle’s surface using car soap and wash and wipe it with a piece of cloth. Spray the lubricant on the wet overspray patch.

Now, gently and patiently rub the clay bar on the car surface. After some time, overspray will start getting off. After successful overspray removal, spray a car cleaner on the surface and wipe it with a cloth to remove debris and give an excellent finish and clear coat.

Technique 2: Using Alcohol

Rub alcohol on the overspray spot. Allow the alcohol to sit over the patch for a few minutes. Choosing good-quality alcohol will quicken the removal process. Wipe the area using a clean towel to get a clean surface. If you still spot any overspray layers, use a scraper to remove them.

Finally, clean the surface using ordinary car wash soap and then wash with water. Then let the surface dry to remove alcohol residue. This will leave a clear coat on the car.

About the business

Sometimes, the overspray can be terrible, and you may need professionals to fix it. Therefore, consider hiring professional overspray removal services like Just Like New. We offer smart, affordable overspray removal solutions and are known for our professionalism and top ratings. For more information about us, contact us at 1-866-746-1445, connect through email at or fill the contact form.

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