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How To Fix Spray Painting Mistakes

Spray Painting

From home décor items to automobiles, spray painting is a simple yet effective way to get a durable and smooth layer of paint on anything. Whether you use an airless sprayer or a can of spray paint, you are bound to encounter a few spray painting mistakes. However, these mistakes can be easily fixed by removing the paint and reapplying it.

Read this blog to know more about fixing spray painting mistakes.

  1. Let the paint dry- You may want to rectify your spray painting mistake immediately, but it will make things worse. You must wait for the paint to dry before you sand it out and repaint it.
  2. Wet sand the mistakes- Once the paint is dry, remove it and start repainting from the beginning. You will have to do it by using wet or dry sandpaper with very fine grit. You can wet sand in two ways- wet the surface using a spray bottle before sanding, or dip the sandpaper in the water and use it. Ensure you do not use excessive or too little water. You do not have to flood the surface. You will have to sand down the paint until the surface is flat and smooth. You may have to remove only the top layer of paint or get to the bare surface.
  1. Clean the surface- Before the prep-work begins, let the surface dry completely. Poor prep work can lead to several spray paint mistakes. Ensure that the surface is clean and flawless. If any contaminant is present on the surface, you may have to repeat the entire process. You can get a fully clean surface by rubbing alcohol or turpentine or using any other cleaner. Don’t use a paper towel as it leaves too many fibers; instead, use a rag that does not shed. Once you have cleaned and prepped the surface, let it dry completely.
  1. Apply primer if you have removed the paint to a bare surface- This will ensure that the paint sticks to the surface and help you get full and even coverage. However, if the surface is not bare and there is a layer of paint, you can skip this step. Before applying the primer, carefully read the instructions. Hold the machine about 12 inches away from the surface and apply it like spray paint. Ensure that the primer has the right consistency for your sprayer. Apply it using broad and even strokes and move at a moderate speed right from the start. Wait for the primer to dry before you apply paint.
  1. Apply paint- Read the instructions on the paint can and follow them. While spraying the paint, ensure that the paint is in the right consistency for the machine. The paint strokes must be broad and even. Hold the spray machine about 10-12 inches away from the surface. Make sure that the paint is not too thick and aim for even coverage.
  2. Allow the paint to dry completely- Before adding any additional coats, let the paint dry completely. Read the instructions on the can to know how long the paint will take to dry. Add thin and even coats of paint until you get consistent coverage on the entire surface.

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