Guide to Disinfecting Your Car during the COVID-19 Crisis

Post COVID-19, safety and sanitization have become indispensable. Be it your house or car, maintaining appropriate hygiene and cleanliness is a must. However, not enough importance is given to vehicle cleanliness and hygiene. Your vehicle is exposed to pollutants and grime; hence, it is imperative to get it thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Following is a detailed guide on how to go about the process:

  1. Follow personal hygiene- Personal hygiene is paramount at all times, not just when you’re inside your car. Sanitize yourself before getting in and out of the vehicle. It is advisable to place a tissue box and a sanitizer in your car.
  2. Clean the interiors thoroughly-. Cleaning the car interiors ensure germ and dirt-free surface. You must also clean the cabin using a vacuum and dust off other surfaces, like the dashboard and seats.
  3. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces- Exteriors, steering wheel, hand brake, grab handles, and dashboard should be regularly disinfected using spray or disinfectant wipes. You must choose the disinfectant with utmost care to avoid damage to cabin materials and electronics. Some of the cleaning agents are abrasive. Using a microfiber cloth is recommended to ensure a scratch-free surface.
  4. Clean the upholstery- Car disinfection should also comprise cleaning the headrests, pockets, and backsets. Leather upholstery should be precisely cleaned as excessive use of alcohol, or soap water can cause discoloration. Using specific products, like leather conditioners, will help maintain the quality. Fabric upholstery should not be cleaned with soap water as it can stain the fabric inside the cushions. 
  5. Service the AC- You must get rid of any bacteria or fungi on the HVAC system of your car. The air filter and the air-con vents should also be cleaned with an efficient cleansing agent. It’s best to hire a professional as DIY doesn’t always produce the best results. 

Disinfectant products to avoid:

Excessive usage of cleaning or disinfecting products should be avoided to prevent damage to car components. Soap water can be used on most parts, but avoid harmful bleaches and chemical detergents like hydrogen peroxide as they can permanently damage your car’s interior.

About the business

Regular disinfection of your car will keep your vehicle free of microbes and bacteria. To get your car professionally disinfected, Just Like New is the right place. We are known for our car disinfection services and other services like pressure washer cleaning services, paint corrections, flood restoration, overspray removal, etc. For more information, contact us at 1-866-746-1445, connect through email at or fill the contact form.

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