8 Common Spray Paint Mistakes

Spray Paint

Spray painting has become quite popular these days. It adds a polished and enhanced look to the surface. It is affordable and cost-effective. However, there are several things you must consider when applying spray paint. It might be easy to use, but it is also easy to commit mistakes while using spray paint.

Following are a few common mistakes associated with spray painting:

  1. Skipping the preparation part- Spray painting is an easy-to-perform process. However, people often overlook the preparation part. You must gather all the ingredients that you would need. The area should be well-ventilated for the spray to work effectively. Use a safety mask, gloves, and glasses to protect yourself from irritation.
  2. Not reading the instructions- Spray painter is not a hard-to-use product. However, not reading the instructions carefully is a big mistake. The instructions contain vital information like ideal temperature, time duration, how to mix the contents properly, and much more.
  3. No primer- Spray painting adds a beautiful polish to the surface. However, in addition to the paint, applying primer is also an essential step. It helps the paint to spread evenly over the surface. Usually, a single coat of primer is enough, but you must let it dry completely before going further.
  4. Using an expired can/clogged nozzle- Spray paints have an expiry period of over 2-3 years, which people ignore. Using a clogged nozzle or an expired can result in the ‘orange peel’ effect- the uneven spreading of paint, which resembles an orange peel.
  5. Spraying too heavily or too lightly- You need not be a pro for using spray paint. However, spraying too lightly or heavily can damage the evenness. Before you start painting, conduct a spot test. It will give you an idea about how far you should hold the can to get nice and smooth coverage.
  6. Recoating too early- In hot temperatures, spray paints dry quickly. However, the surface may seem dry; still, it may not be the right time to recoat. Recoating should be done after the requisite duration to avoid smudging, shriveling, or wrinkling.
  7. Not controlling the urge to make it right- Sometimes, when the paint is sprayed too heavily, it can result in a drip. However, the urge to make it right instantly can make it worse. You must wait for the paint to dry completely and only then use sandpaper to even it out. Later, you can repaint it carefully.
  8. Mixing all paint variations- More than one type of paint is often used in a project. However, people often mix them all. You should only mix paints with similar components.

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Fortunately, spray painting is an easy to use and convenient procedure. Be careful about the above-stated mistakes, and you are good to go. If you are looking for an authentic overspray dealer, Just Like New is the right place. We offer various services like graffiti, pressure washing, paint corrections, and many more. We are known for our quality products and customer-friendly services. Deal with us to get supreme standards of spray painting products. Contact us at 1-866-746-1445, connect through email at claims@jlnoverspray.com or fill the contact form for more information about us.

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