We can remove all types of contaminants

Using some of the best innovative techniques and expertise in the industry

Auto Port Services

If you happen to be an auto distribution facilities manager or operations manager, you have no doubt found yourself with extraordinary production expectations. Just Like New has the ability to step in with experienced and knowledgeable technicians that can help meet these production needs such as auto detailing, vehicle inspection and make ready services and other preparation services.

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Environmental Contaminants

Just Like New Overspray management can remove chemical emissions, iron oxides, and acid rain / caustic stains.  Our staff is well equipped and trained to remove and clean a variety of surfaces that have been damaged by discharge from manufacturers and/or the natural elements.

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Graffiti & Vandalism

Just Like New Overspray provides a graffiti clean up service like no other. We remove difficult graffiti from your commercial vehicle or auto without repainting! Just Like New Overspray Management’s process is more of an art than a science and uses top quality products and techniques to dissolve and lift tagging paint, marker, or other substances.

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Structural Maintenance

Our staff is well equipped and trained to work on bridges, buildings, vehicles, and airplanes, boats, and other structures that need cleaning and/or maintenance.

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Industrial Paint Overspray

 Just Like New Overspray specializes in the removal of paint being sprayed, rolled or even brushed where particles are carried in the prevailing wind. We specialize in the removal of these contaminant materials.

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Flood Restoration

We provide emergency clean up services including flood restoration. We work quickly and effectively throughout the water damage restoration process to limit further structural or property damage.

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