Gregg Goodhart

P.O. Box 7244

Gulfport, MS 39506

Tel. 1.866.746.1445 or 1.866.736.3948
Fax: 1.228.868-9155









Our Promise To You

We have over 25 years experience restoring and repairing vehicles, boats, buildings and planes with a wide variety of environmental damages. We have developed proven methods, which minimize the stress and risk of damage to all types of surfaces.


Also, we provide total claims management to reduce your administrative time and cost. Plus, we have the most competitive pricing schedule in the industry. No matter where you are, our regional offices and 24-hour hotline can ensure a quick response to your claim all across America and internationally.


We handle claims of all sizes, from 1 car to 1,000 cars or more. We know you'll be 100% satisfied with the results. In fact it's our promise to you.


Gregg Goodhart, President